luis laugga

I’m Luis Laugga, a maker who loves making things, a developer who likes solving problems and a wannabe photographer.

I believe life is like delicious and nutritious food. If the ingredients are fresh, seasonal and grown with love, then you don’t need a complicated recipe to make a great meal. Family, friends, traveling, nature, surfing and taking photos are (my inspiration and) the most important thing to me.

I grew up in a small countryside town called Meinedo, in the north of Portugal. I studied software engineering, even though I was always interested in the whole process of designing, making, playing, failing and learning (😁). I was lucky and I learned with the best, first at Fraunhofer and then at ustwo. After living in Vienna, Porto and London, I am now living in the peaceful city of Zurich.

Right now I'm working on a couple of projects, including lightmate and coletiv. More about other projects and what I do will come soon.

You can reach me on Ello, Twitter, and Github, or send me an email.